Dedicatory Letter.

pp. vii—viii.

To Monsieur d’Aigrefeuille, formerly Procureur-Général of the Court of Aides of Montpellier, the Treasury, etc., etc.


To whom could we more appropriately offer the Gourmand’s Almanac than to the amiable man who possesses the art, so difficult and so little known, of creating the best possible party from an excellent meal? -than to the enlightened taster of that which Nature best provides for the appetite of man? -than to the knowledgeable appreciator of the most sought-after food combinations? -finally, the guest most suited to honor an opulent table by the dexterity of his manners, his profound good-breeding and the ever varied charm of his conversation? To all of these qualities, Monsieur, which class you amongst Gourmands of the first order, you unite to them that of friend and of enlightened Protector of the Arts; and those who uphold erudition are no less familiar to you than those with some rapport with fine dining. This alliance, so rare today in the same individual, would be sufficient to determine our choice, if, aside from this, you did not have a horde of other incontestable qualities, which we leave off enumerating out of respect for your modesty.

Might you deign, under all these titles, to honor this small work with a bit of indulgence? Appearing under your auspices, and strengthened by your support, its success would no longer be in question.  Warm friend, as much as enlightened judge, the shadow of your wings will protect this attempt at a new genre, which we  wanted to render the most worthy of your kindness and unofficial consideration.

We are respectfully,


Your very humble, very obedient, and very devoted servants,


                        Of The Gourmands’ Almanac


translation (c) Carolin C. Young, 2013.

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